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German Army Uniforms: Heer 1933-1945

Ricardo Cardona, Antonio Sanchez, "German Army Uniforms: Heer 1933-1945"
Accion Press | April 20, 2002 | ISBN: 8495464217 | PDF | 175 pages | 35.2 MB

This is perhaps the most important book on German Army Uniforms ever. The authors have accomplished the miraculous feat of documenting all significant items of the period. All are lavishly illustrated in hundreds of full-color photos, supplemented by extensive expert commendary, and with many contemporary b/w photographs. Covered in great detail are emblems, insignia and badges, including: national emblem, ranks, collar patches, other insignia, and aigullettes. Under the heading of clothing are: issue clothing, tailor-made garments, requisitioned material, headgear, tunics, trousers, greatcoats, and footwear. They are all covered in great detail. Lastly the authors deal with Field Equipment, including: markings, materials, belts, straps, breadbags, canteens, shelter quarters, gas-masks, cartridge holders, grenades, spodes, holsters, map cases, ammunition pouches, and machine guns.
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